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PH Softball Boosters Club thanks school board

At the Prairie Heights School Board Meeting on Monday, the Prairie Heights Softball Boosters Club presented a $30,000 check to the school board for the lights on their field.

The Prairie Heights Softball Boosters Club and the school board had an arrangement where the school board covered the expenses until the boosters could earn the money for the lights that were installed last year.

Coach Cheryl Hamlin talked about the arrangement with the school board, saying “they really went out on a limb by putting faith in us.”

The boosters raised money through car washes, t-shirt sales, alumni softball games, and donations. There were 25 individual and organization donors with the LaGrange County Community Foundation providing the largest donation.

The boosters talked about how it really took the community and the school to help provide the lights for the field. They are looking forward to possibly hosting future tournaments and sectionals with their new lighted field.

The school board also talked about the active shooter scenario that staff and teachers participated in on June 10. It was a simulation set up so that everyone could experience what it might be like to have a shooter in the building, enabling both staff and teachers to be better prepared in the future should such an incident occur.

The teachers mentioned how gunshots fired on the other side of their schools sounded like everyday sounds of books dropping on the floors.

Mike Travis, middle school social studies teacher, said, “It was worthwhile and eye opening.”

In other news, the school cooperation received first place in the Get Fit Get Healthy program that they participated in this past year.

Also, HVAC construction on the school is underway, and there will be a meeting for the roofing project in a couple of weeks.