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Petition coming for county to rent building

County commissioners authorized the circulation of a petition to consider renting a building for storage of old county records at Monday’s meeting. The petition is the first step necessary in the process of renting a storage building for a short term and requires the signatures of 50 taxpayers.

The need is expected to last for two or three years. A building will be for storage only and will not be available to the public.

Rita Lehner was given the authority to work with County Attorney Kurt Bachman in drafting and circulating the petition.

The storage space will be used to temporarily store old county records which have been copied and stored either on microfilm or in a digital format. Once all the records, which have been stored on the third story dirt floor of the county courthouse, have been copied, the commissioners will need to determine what to do with the original documents. Most of these documents are in book form and some of the bindings may be damaged in the process of preserving the content.

Public hearings will need to be held regarding the need for the storage space once the petition has been filed. The location of the potential rental property will be disclosed in the notice for the public hearing.

Commissioners signed a contract with Masters’ Touch, LLC, to produce and mail County Form 11, a notice of assessment of land and improvements. The contract had been approved at a prior meeting subject to the acceptance of some county required verbiage in the contract by the vendor.

Bachman was authorized to enter an appearance in a lawsuit filed against the county and County Auditor Kay Myers by Wingate Property LLC.

Travis Glick was appointed to represent the LaGrange County Redevelopment Commission in a matter relating to drainage on property owned by LaGrange County REMC that is in the Bloomfield Township TIF District. REMC is planning some drainage work that will be eligible for partial reimbursement through the TIF district.

Commissioners approved and signed a “Findings of Fact” regarding a hearing held in the matter of Jessie and Audrey Martin vs. Bloomfield Township. Commissioners affirmed the denial of township assistance benefits issued by Bloomfield Township Trustee Bill Pipher.

The quarterly INDOT reimbursement voucher for the Council on Aging (COA) transportation program was approved. “You’ll note there is a lot more paper for this report than before,” commented COA Director Cheri Perkins. “We have to include more information than before.”