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Parkview LaGrange welcomes new full-time orthopedic surgeon

Parkview Physicians Group and Parkview LaGrange Hospital have welcomed Ahmed Kneifati, MD, to LaGrange County. Kneifati is board certi-fied in orthopedic surgery and a Fellow in the Academy of American Orthopedic Surgeons. He has been in practice since 1981. Kneifati received his medical degree from Aleppo University in Syria. He completed a resi-dency in internal medicine at the Royal Alexandria Hospital in North Wales, England, and a rotating internship in orthopedic surgery at Hamot Hospital in Erie, Penn., which included six months fellowship in basic sci-ence at Duke University in Durham, N.C., and six months pediatric orthopedic surgery at Shrine Hospital in Erie, Penn. He holds a fellowship in pediatric orthopedics from the DuPont Institute in Wilmington, Del. “We are very pleased that Dr. Kneifati will be joining our team at Parkview LaGrange,” said Parkview LaGrange Hospital President Rob Myers. “The depth of his background and experience will be a great benefit to our patients.” “My philosophy for patient care is to rely first on preventive medicine and patient education – to diagnose and treat conditions like osteoporosis early, reducing the risk of fractures later on.” said Dr. Kneifati. “I prefer to treat the problem conservatively – avoid-ing surgery whenever possible. When surgery is required, I will use a minimally invasive approach, if appropriate for the patient. Minimally invasive procedures, such as arthroscopic surgeries, significantly lessen the amount of scarring and minimize any further damage.” Continuing education in orthopedics is important to Dr. Kneifati, who sees patients of all ages – from children through adults. “I keep up to date with the latest in techniques,” he said, “but in my practice I prefer to be in the middle – not the first to perform a new procedure, nor the last, but in the middle where there is suf-ficient knowledge about the outcomes for the patient.” In addition to experience with general orthopedic surgeries, joint repairs and replacements, Dr. Kneifati has significant training and experience in spinal surgeries. “I prefer to take the most conservative approach to orthopedics,” he continued. “There are new minimally invasive surgeries, such as a percutaneous discectomy, that require only a half-inch incision under local anesthetic to repair a herniated disc. A stitch and a bandaid and the patient is able to go home within an hour or two of surgery.” Dr. Ahmed Kneifati, MD, will open his practice, Parkview Physicians Group – Orthopedic Surgery, in LaGrange on Monday, Jan. 20. His practice will be located in the Medical Office Plaza on the campus of Parkview LaGrange Hospital. For more information or to make an appointment, call (260) 463-9160.