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Parkview LaGrange Walking Club membership now open


In keeping with Parkview Health’s commitment to help improve the health of our communities, Parkview LaGrange Hospital is inviting everyone to take a step toward a healthier lifestyle by joining its newly-created walking club.

Open to everyone of any age and health status, the Parkview LaGrange Walking Club members will use the half-mile walking track on the hospital’s campus to log miles throughout the summer season, from June 1 through September 30, 2012. Members may sign up by emailing to obtain a membership form or by picking one up at the hospital’s information desk. Once filled out and signed the form may be dropped off at the hospital. Participants are encouraged to speak with their family physician before beginning any new exercise program.

Once you have signed up, keep track of the miles you walk each month. Twice around the track equals one mile. Whether you walk every day or just a couple days a week, send an email every month to with your name and the number of miles you have walked that week. For those of you without a computer, you may pick up and drop off your monthly walking mileage forms at the hospital information desk.

Parkview LaGrange Walking Club members will have an opportunity to earn small incentive gifts based on their miles throughout the season. Milestone gifts will be given for walking a total of 100 miles (200 laps), 250 miles (500 laps) and 500 miles (1000 laps). All miles must be walked on the walking track on the hospital’s campus in order to be counted. The walking track is available for use from dawn to dusk. Please observe the walking track rules of no pets, no bikes, and no skate board use on the track.

The Parkview LaGrange walking track is an initiative of the Parkview LaGrange Foundation, which obtained funding for the half-mile course through a matching grant from the Olive B. Cole Foundation, a generous three-year pledge from the service volunteers of Parkview LaGrange Hospital, and other gifts from the community.