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Parkview LaGrange Hospital accepts EMS responsibility


An agreement that will shift financial responsibility for operations and capital improvements of the local Emergency Medical Service (EMS) for LaGrange County to Parkview-LaGrange Hospital was approved at Tuesday’s special county commissioners meeting. The county will pay $381,500 each year of the three-year agreement.

Under terms of the agreement, title to the five county-owned ambulances will be transferred to Parkview LaGrange Hospital. The county will retain ownership of the EMS buildings.

EMS Coordinator Bruce Coney explained that there will be a need for considerable capital investment in 2013 and 2014. He also said that average response time in LaGrange County is now less than 12 minutes while the national response is over 13 minutes. Coney also reported that there have been over 2,000 EMS runs in 2012 as of Oct. 31.

The agreement was passed pending final approval of the completed document at the commissioners meeting next week.

It was reported that the Redevelopment Commission has proposals to run water and sewer north of LaGrange from CR 200N to the Lippert Components business located at 3625 North SR 9. The company has indicated that water and sewer will be necessary in the event they may want to expand this facility.

Representatives from the Town of LaGrange have indicated interest in this project. Currently the sewage disposal plant in LaGrange is operating at about 25 percent of capacity.