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Parkvew Hospital Spring Calendar


Classes are held at Parkview LaGrange Hospital, 207 N. Townline Road in LaGrange. If you would like information about these and other community events, call us at (260) 463-9009 or toll free (877) 745-4441, ext. 49009.

Let's get moving!

Thursday, April 19

4:30 p.m., Board Room

Dust off your shoes and let’s start walking!  Enjoy the fresh air as we discover the most popular adult exercise in this country!  Join Debra Pontecorvo of the Purdue Extension Office in LaGrange and Doris Sandker, Parkview LaGrange dietitian and explore what to wear, why it’s important to warm up and cool down, take a pulse and popular websites that will keep you motivated!  Remember- if you are looking for a path to fitness, you can walk there!  Call (260) 463-9009. 

Diabetes Support Group

Thursday, April 26 – 11 a.m.

Thursday, May 31 – 11 a.m.

Thursday, June 28 – 11 a.m.

Conference Room C

This free support group offers a forum for individuals with diabetes to share information on a wide range of topics related to living with diabetes. Terri Clark, RN, diabetes educator, and Doris Sandker, RD, registered dietitian, will facilitate discussions on healthy eating, activity, medications, monitoring, healthy coping, reducing risks of medical complications and more. Reservations are not required for the Diabetes Support Group.

Feed your bones

Thursday, May 17

4:30 p.m., Conference Room A/B

Did you know osteoporosis is preventable by eating foods rich in calcium and weight- bearing physical exercises? Join Debra Pontecorvo of the Purdue Extension Office in LaGrange and Doris Sandker, Parkview LaGrange dietitian for a lively discussion of low-fat/fat-free dairy products and alternative calcium sources.  You will select your favorite recipe, make it and share it with a friend! Call (260) 463-9009.

Let’s go on a picnic! 

Thursday, June 21

4:30 p.m., Conference Room A/B

Picnics are fun, but not if harmful bacteria are everywhere.   Debra Pontecorvo of the Purdue Extension Office in LaGrange and Doris Sandker, Parkview LaGrange dietitian will take you on an exploration of the four fundamental elements of food safety and the benefits of providing safe food for your family.  Food safety items will be discussed and given that will help you pack those healthy and safe picnics! 

Free Foot Screenings

Morning appointments available on:

Wednesday, April 25

Wednesday, May 30

Wednesday, June 27

In the Parkview LaGrange Hospital Specialty Clinic

As our least expensive mode of transportation, our feet are often overlooked when it comes to a regular maintenance check. Even small things like ill-fitting shoes, bunions and flat feet can have a big impact on our health. On the last Wednesday morning of the month, Parkview LaGrange Hospital will offer free foot screenings. Appointments are required. Screenings are held in the Specialty Clinic off the main lobby of the hospital. Call (260) 463-9009 today to arrange a free appointment. 

Prenatal class series - now free of charge!

Tuesdays, May 1 & 15 – 6-9 p.m.

Tuesdays, June 5 & 19 – 6-9 p.m.

Conference Room A/B

Becoming a parent is a life-changing event. Prenatal education will help you and your support person explore the physical, emotional and social aspects of birth. Each session will help you define your needs and desires by providing prenatal information, group activities to promote learning and a demonstration of skills useful during labor and birth. A tour of the Family Birthing Center is included. Class size is limited to ensure personal attention for each participant. Early registration is recommended. To register, call (260) 463-9300