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Parkside Elementary Science Fair results

Parkside Elementary hosted its science fair on February 20.

The school is sending five students on to the Regional Science Fair: Charles Schackow, Lydia Trost, Aiden Flickinger, Riley Rosendaul, Sawyer Shank and Alaina Trost.

Class trophies were awarded to:

Kindergarten – Shakthi Ramachandran, Nathanael Kennedy, Lincoln Crawford, Thatcher Cowley, Xiya Wines, Lane Yoder, Abbey Priestley, and Karlee DeMoss.

First Grade – Addison Knisley, Kayla Flickinger, and Charles Schackow.

Second Grade – Christine Gilmore, Cole Frost, and Lydia Trost.

Third Grade – Manisha Ramachandran, Aiden Flickinger, and Riley Rosendaul.

Fourth Grade – Ethan Lemon, Lillian Schackow, and Sawyer Shank.

Fifth Grade – Jaden Boyd, Alexandria Crawford, and Alaina Trost.

The Principal’s Choice Award was given to Sawyer Shank, while the Assistant Principal’s Choice was awarded to Kierstan Crawford.

Special award winners (sponsor and student) were:

LaGrange County REMC - Lexie Speicher;

Parkview Physician Group - Manisha Ramachandran;

Let It Ride Stables - Braeden Cassel;

Mane Event Horse Stables - Kasey Priestley;

Mane Event IEA Team - Zack Fry;

Lewis Quality Homes - Camila Garcia;

Spring Fresh Auto - Owen Oakley;

Dr. Lynn Bowen - Wyatt Priestley;

LaGrange County Soil and Water Conservation District - Justin Kennedy and Sawyer Shank;

Office Staff - Race Millus;

Principal's Award - Sawyer Shank;

Assistant Principal's Award - Keirstan Crawford;

Teacher's Award - Natalie Atwater and Brayden Miles;

Custodial Award - Sukhdeep Singh;

Panda Paws Café - Cindel Schrock.