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Park dept. moves to acquire land


LaGrange County Parks Department Director Mike Metz received support and a positive recommendation to the county council for acquiring about 45 acres of additional land adjoining Dallas Lake Park on the south side. Metz said the park board has been interested in the land east and south of Dallas Lake Park for some time and it has recently become available.

    Dallas Lake Park currently contains about 96 acres and includes a swimming beach, community gathering spots, nature trails, and wildlife observation spots.

    He noted that acquisition of land is being in the right place at the right time when it becomes available. The LaGrange County Community Foundation has negotiated a purchase of the 45 acres of land on the south edge of the park at $330,750 and will hold the title until such time as the parks department is able to raise the funds necessary to complete the purchase.

    Metz noted that some $165,375 (½) will come from the Bicentennial Nature Trust fund; about $25,000 each from the Cole Foundation and the community foundation and $16,000 from the Friends of the Park fund. The balance needed will come from other foundations and grants. “I don’t anticipate that there will be a need for any county general fund money for this purchase, nor will there be any significant additional on-going costs,” Metz said.

    One stipulation for receiving the Bicentennial Nature Trust money is the willingness to dedicate “Pond Lil” as a State Nature Preserve, according to Metz.