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Parents tackle the ISTEP

Lima-Brighton Elementary School invited parents to take a mock ISTEP test Wednesday evening and had a handful of parents take them up on that offer.

    Parents went through a couple of the ISTEP test sections, seeing past questions and how the test is set up. The results were eye opening for them.

    Two of the parents, Jonathan and Raschael Whatley, who have a third grader at the school, took the test and came away with a new outlook on the test that students will be taking this spring. “It was a lot different than when I was a student,” Raschael said.

    Jonathan noted that he thought the test was “way too much for kids,” and was at a higher level than he had expected. “There’s also so much emphasis in showing work,” he added. “And the math is more in-depth than the English.”

    Parent Susanne Brim found the essay questions to be surprising. “The detail in the English section,” she said when asked what was most surprising. And being timed didn’t help.

    Each test section has to be done within 40 to 50 minutes. “And there are specific directions to follow,” Raschael noted.

    The parents agreed that they will work to help their children after seeing what students are facing. That included practicing with their children and getting curriculum books to help.

    However, the state itself limits the amount of ISTEP questions available, which led Jonathan to note that “If they want us to get involved, they need to give us more materials.”

    ISTEP is scheduled for April 28 through the first week of May.