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Ordinances ap-proved by commissioners


County commissioners approved two ordinances and the county’s annual financial report at Monday’s meeting. The ordinances dealt with amounts that may be appropriated from the Riverboat Gambling Fund and the operations of vehicles on county roads during emergencies.

    County Auditor Kay Myers told commissioners that the current Riverboat Gambling ordinance states that no more than $30,000 can be appropriated for any one project. She noted that there are two items currently approved, one for $40,000 and another for $50,000. “We either will need to change the appropriations amounts or the ordinance,” she said.

    Commissioners agreed to have County Attorney Kurt Bachman change the ordinance and bring it to a future meeting for approval.

    The second ordinance addresses traffic on local roads in the event of an emergency and was presented for consideration by Stewart Bender, local emergency management director. The new ordinance will bring LaGrange County’s emergency traffic ordinance into line with the rest of the state .

    Local Traffic Advisory – will be used to keep residents informed of weather and county road conditions and to assist the county highway department in the clearing of county roadways by eliminating stranded vehicles.

    Watch Level –A travel advisory that will be issued when conditions are threatening to public safety. Only essential travel is recommended during this time such as to and from work, emergency situations, etc. At this level, emergency plans should be implemented by businesses, industry, schools, governmental units and other organizations.

    Warning Level –This travel advisory will be declared when roads have become impassible and the county highway department is not able to keep the roads cleared due to extreme weather conditions. When a Warning is in effect, travel is restricted to emergency management workers only with a very few exceptions, including essential healthcare workers.

    The matter of a red-tagged, unsafe building in Topeka was referred to the Topeka Town Board. Commissioners noted the problem is within the corporate limits of the town and not under the jurisdiction of the county.