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Ordinance changed to allow for payment of wages


Commissioners voted to change the county ordinance pertaining to contractor’s fees at Tuesday’s special meeting. The ordinance currently provides that fees collected can be used only for attorney fees with the balance at the end of the year transferred to the county general fund.

Terms of the new ordinance will allow for the payment of both attorney fees and wages from the fund with the balance to be transferred to the general fund at the end of the year. This has been done to accommodate the payment of the county nuisance officer. Additional funding became necessary when Wolcottville dropped out of the inter-local agreement wherein the four incorporated towns of the county teamed up with the county to employ the officer.

The Town of LaGrange is studying the possibility of dropping out of this agreement for 2014. The LaGrange funds will be directed toward funding a fifth town marshal, who will be assigned to ordinance enforcement as a part of his or her duties.