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Ordinance adopted to raise deed recording fees


Commissioners adopted an ordinance at Monday’s meeting that will raise the fees for recording a deed.

Current law provides for a $5 recording fee at the auditor’s office any time a deed is filed. The new ordinance will call for a fee of $5 per legal description for any time a deed is filed. Some deeds contain three or four or more legal descriptions.

Commissioners also signed a contract between the county and the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership that calls for a $3,479 quarterly payment. The money for the agreement was approved in last year’s budget.

A retroactive leave of absence for Ordinance Enforcement Officer Jason Boggs was approved. Boggs was absent from the job Feb. 18 until April 12. Commissioners commented that such requests should be made prior to the absence.

A 2012 performance grant was approved for emergency management. The grant will recoup 50 percent of the salary paid to EMA Director Stewart Bender.

Commissioners also approved a contract with CenturyLink to provide for 50 megs of internet service to the county. The contract covers 60 months (5 years) at $1,257 a month. The county currently has 3 megs of service through two bonded T-1 lines.

IT Director Robert Murphy asked commissioners to send a directive to all departments that says, “When you move things, let IT know ahead of time that moves of equipment are needed.” He explained that sometimes there is more to making moves of furniture within an office than meets the eye.

Commissioners also directed that a lock box be rented at Farmers State Bank to house backup tapes of the various county servers. This will allow for a completely off-premise site for backups.

A resolution was passed to sell a county-owned lakefront lot on Stone Lake. Bids must be received prior to 4 p.m. on May 3. The best bid(s) over $12,300 plus costs of the transaction (advertising, title insurance, recording fees, etc.) will be considered.

A short report from Charles Malinowski was received on the cost allocation plan regarding child support. He reported that his firm has identified and recovered costs of some $84,000 for the county general fund. His fees are paid from Title IV-D reimbursement through the federal government and are on a fee basis.