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One Guy's Opinion - Round vs. Square

Are you round or square? Well, not physically. That doesn’t matter.

Are you the round peg in a world of square holes? (Or is it the other way around?)

Can you, if it came right down to it, be quantified, defined and neatly packaged? Probably not.

However, people try to do it all the time. We all do it, too. It is, to use the vernacular of our times, human nature.

And it’s not just people, either. It’s organizations trying to lump other organizations, groups, or collectives together under a single heading.

We recently had an article where a “think tank,” (and, boy, wouldn’t I like to have that on my business card) worked to define where it was quantitatively easier for people to vote compared to other places. Do you recall what it said about LaGrange County?

Believe it or not, according to this group of people who sit on a stone plinth in a tank (without the water, I’m guessing), it is apparently very difficult for people to exercise their right to vote in LaGrange County. Wow. Did not see that coming.

The problem was, the “smart” people only looked at numbers. In this case, the total number of those old enough to vote compared to those who actually are registered to vote was drastically different. Those smarty pants then figured out, based on those facts, that it must be hard to vote in LaGrange County.

 I think the hardest time I’ve ever had voting was when I changed polling places and had to drive a little further than before.

LaGrange County was a round peg that they tried to force into a square hole. They didn’t take into consideration that there is a sizable part of our population that choose not to register or vote. But the report makes it sound like there is a gap because it is somehow difficult to vote here.

Speaking personally, I don’t like anything or anyone who can be simply defined. It’s like the joke from a TV show where the girl introduces herself as a “Libra. Which tells you way too much.” As if she can be defined by her astrological sign. (Although, as another character pointed out, her reliance on astrology does tell him a lot about her.)

 I don’t like to hang around someone who is the square peg and sees the world as a square hole. They have one shape and size and they stay where they fit in best. They also resist any and all attempts to round the corners a bit.

There are people who, when I see them approaching or see their name on an e-mail or letter, or see that they have posted something on Facebook, I know what it’s going to be about. It’s the only thing they go on about. I think it might be the only thing they can go on about.


Give me people who can’t be easily defined. They have multiple interests, and the bigger the differences in those interests the better.

I would also point out that those people who are very one-note seem to work endlessly to pound the rest of us into the same size and shape that they are. How could we not see how great it is to be just like them?

So go out there and be you. Don’t worry if the world is trying to be the square hole to your round peg or the other way around. Forget that there are people trying to use a single word to define you. And while you’re at it, stop trying to define others with a single word, too.

Unless you’re a Libra. In which case, we probably know more than we want to about you based on that alone.