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One Guy’s Opinion by Guy Thompson

Sometimes I envy those who don’t have a television.

There are times – too many, really – when I’m sure I just couldn’t get along without one. I have “my shows,” the ones I feel I absolutely must watch, even if it is a rerun.

And once upon a time, I used to watch the TV to get the latest news.   That apparently can’t be the case anymore.

Without giving away any actual numbers, let me just state that when I was growing up in Ohio, my TV options in the morning while eating breakfast before school was to watch one of a couple morning news programs. One was really good with having updates every half hour to break up the other, not-so-hard news. (I know – I was weird. I even read the newspapers at school. Explains a lot, really.)

These days, one can flip through a myriad of channels on TV that purport to report the news 24/7/365. From weather to business to politics to entertainment, there are channels that specialize in different areas of news.

Except, apparently, channels who claim to report actual news.

Yes, it is the editor in me that is standing on this lonely soapbox, decrying what the national media seems to think equals news.

Several years ago I stopped watching one channel that was promising me the “headline news” every half hour when, a mere five minutes into the “top stories” of the day, they were telling me about an actress who had signed a publicity deal with a diet company that she was using.

Over time, I gradually came back to watching that channel in the morning, usually just at the top of the hour to get the important bits that happened overnight.

Then they did it again.

This week, the 4th and 5th “top” stories (and yes, I know I keep putting that in quotations marks) were Casey Anthony being offered a job at a strip club and a horsefly being named after Beyonce.

And I am really, really envious of you if you read both of those names and went “Who?”

Meanwhile, in the real world, battles are being fought, tragedies have happened, and good deeds have been done. None of which apparently can top two people who have already garnered way more attention than either deserved. And neither one for anything I would consider positive.

So, once again, I’ve given up on American “news” sources for anything beyond local and state news. I don’t mind entertainment news, but not ahead of hard news. Or pretending that entertainment news is hard news. Or just reporting something because it might be “entertaining.”

For those without a television, I realize I have given you absolutely no reasons to rush out and get one now.

You’re welcome.