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New smoking ban takes effect Sunday


A new state law goes into effect Sunday, July 1, that will ban smoking in most public places and places of employment.

The law, passed this past spring, will prohibit smoking within eight feet of a public entrance and places of employment. Smoking will be allowed in only a few establishments, including a facility with a gambling license, certain fraternal clubs, a retail tobacco store, a bar or tavern that meets certain requirements, or a business in a private residence, providing they meet certain requirements.

Businesses that are not exempt from the state law must post required signage, remove indoor ashtrays, and must ask anyone who is smoking to extinguish the cigarette. Businesses in a private residence that allow smoking must post signs warning others that smoking is allowed in the area. Signage will also be required stating that the state law prohibits smoking within eight feet of an entrance. (See related article on signage.)

Smoking is also banned in hotels and motels.

Fraternal clubs must provide a separate, enclosed, designated smoking area that is ventilated. Members of any clubs must have voted within the previous two years to allow smoking on the premises.