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New recorder pleads for chief deputy


Newly elected LaGrange County Recorder Jennifer Bricker-McBride was present for the Tuesday county council meeting to state her case for a chief deputy. “This is the only office in the county that does not have a chief deputy,” she stated.

The 2013 budget has a line item for chief deputy in the county recorder office. Bricker-McBride stated she has only one year of experience in the recorder’s office and will be required to be out of the office a considerable amount of time next year for state mandated training. “When I am gone, we will not be able to certify anything,” she said. Bricker-McBride said that it is her understanding that certifications can only be done by the office holder or a chief deputy.

County Attorney Kurt Bachman said that a deputy can have the same responsibility and authority as a chief deputy providing the correct procedure is followed in swearing in the deputy.

No action was taken. Council President Jac Price said that nothing can be done regarding the 2013 budget until after the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) has certified the budget. This normally happens soon after the first of the year. Price also noted that this request will need to go through the human resources committee.