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New Prairie Heights superintendent shares enthusiasm

Prairie Heights Assistant Superintendent Jeff Reed will be stepping into the superintendent position starting on July 1.

Reed joined the Prairie Heights community in 2007 as the middle school assistant principal. In 2010 he became the principal and was able to work there for almost three years before moving up to assistant superintendent.

“Prairie Heights is a great community,” said Reed. “There is a great small town feel. The staff is great and it is a really great place to work.”

Reed is very impressed with the leaders that Prairie Heights has for staff in the buildings. He is confident in their abilities and will work with them as they continue to improve their buildings.

“A lot of time is spent discussing kids and what we can do for them,” Reed noted. “I want to help the teachers and students to be as successful as they can be.”

The goals that Reed has for Prairie Heights are to stay on track academically and to be in a good place financially.

“I would like to maintain the success we have here and improve upon that,” he stated.

He would like to credit some people for how far Prairie Heights has come so far, “Alan Middleton, Karen Eagleson, and the school board.”

One of Reed’s favorite things about the school is really getting to know and invest in the students. He enjoys getting to know them to keep their best interest in mind.

“The kids have a wide range of interests and it’s neat to see them participate in things,” said Reed.

He is very proud of the student organizations, like the FFA and theatre program, that Prairie Heights has to offer.

Reed is thankful and excited for the opportunities that will be coming in the future at Prairie Heights and working with the school board.

“They are five individuals who care about the community and the corporation,” Reed said. “They care and that has been the best part.”