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Murphy seeks major upgrade for E-911


Bob Murphy, information technology director for LaGrange County, asked the county commissioners to consider replacing three consoles at the 911 communications center.

    “The three consoles we have are ‘near end of life’,” Murphy said. The units were moved from the old jail location to the (then) United Telephone building on Poplar St. and then to the new county jail location and operate on an analog-based platform.

    Murphy introduced Eric Hartman, who represents INdigital Telecom, to the commissioners. This company’s consoles will cost $23,000 each. These units will open up much more flexibility for the system and will support future generation of software, according to Hartman.

    Commissioners voiced concern that delay of implementing this and a voice over internet telephone system could be costing the county as much as $3,000 a month. “This would be a lot of savings, and we need to move quickly if in fact we can save this kind of money,” said Commission President George Bachman.

    Murphy said that he will have costs and a plan ready for presentation at the March 19 meeting.