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Mudd-Ox receives tax abatement

Matt Oxender, representing Mudd-Ox, was granted a 10-year tax abatement at the LaGrange County Council meeting Monday. The phase-in of taxes over 10 years is for $411,600 in real estate additions, $615,000 in personal property, and $31,000 in technology improvements.

The company currently has nine employees, which is consistent with projections made when the first tax abatement was granted to the company. “They have complied with all of the requirements from the original abatement,” stated Keith Gillenwater, CEO of the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation. The expansion will add another seven employees to the firm’s staff.

Oxender stated that the acquisition of an out-of-state company that manufacturers a similar product to Mudd-Ox will double the size of the company overnight, which means there is a need to double the building size.

The Mudd-Ox amphibious vehicle is a $35,000 unit and the recently purchased company makes units starting at about $10,000.

Commissioner Jac Price told council members that the lack of county council representation at a recent staff meeting was noted. The next staff meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 25, starting at 9 a.m. The meeting will be held in the commissioners’ room of the county office building on Michigan St. in LaGrange.

Councilman Michael Strawser announced that the CR 200N Committee will be meeting in the near future (probably the last week of June) with County Highway Superintendent Jeff Brill. Purpose of the meeting is to discuss road improvements on CR 200N from CR 450W to CR 675W.

Members of the County Council present Monday were Charles Ashcraft, Richard Yoder, Michael Strawser, Peter Cook, Ben Taylor and Steve McKowen.