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More money received for community corrections program

Brett Hays told commissioners Monday morning that the combined community corrections program for LaGrange and Steuben counties had been awarded an additional $122,000 for budget year 2014-2015. This brings the total budget for the physical year to $1,036,000. This program operates on a state budget year of July 1 to June 30 and is totally funded by the State of Indiana.

Hays noted that the increased budget allows more money for gasoline, which has increased significantly in cost so far this year, and an additional roadside cleaning crew in LaGrange County. Previously there has been only one weekend crew working in the county, now there are two crews working.

The community corrections program is governed by a community corrections advisory board which is made up of people from the two counties. The next meeting of this group will be at noon on August 14 in the community room at the Steuben County Annex Building, which is located next to the Steuben County Jail.

The advisory board meets at noon on the second Thursday of each even numbered month (February, April, June, August, October and December) at the same location in Angola.

Corey Peacock, an investigator from the county welfare department, asked for permission to use $1,298 from the Cloid Duff Trust Fund to attend a conference in Baltimore, Md. The money will pay for a hotel room and tuition to a week-long seminar relating to the investigation of deaths of young children. Commissioners debated for some time before approving the request.

Although there is over $110,000 in the fund, use of money in the fund is restricted to use for the benefit of crippled children in LaGrange County. The trust is administered by the LaGrange County Welfare Department and claims are approved by the county commissioners.

An attorney’s opinion of some years ago indicated that use of interest from the fund could be used for the benefit of other children, as well as crippled children.

County Attorney Kurt Bachman was given authority to move ahead with preparation of actuarial forms which will be used to determine the cost of funding current members of the LaGrange County Council into PERF. This is the public employees’ retirement fund that most of the full-time county employees and elected officials are under. An exception is the sheriff’s merit deputies which are under a defined benefits program.

Commissioners agreed to ratify any future contracts under a master contract with Laredo that allows various companies to e-record documents in the county recorder’s office. The request was made by LaGrange County Recorder Jennifer McBride. Commission president was authorized to sign any documents necessary.