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More IT project bids approved


    As recommended by Information Technology (IT) Director Bob Murphy, commissioners approved the bid of Strategic Solutions for hardware upgrades to the county computer system. The bid of $333,106 was the lower of two bids received. The other bid was from CDW in the amount of $359,149.

    Murphy also recommended the purchase of contour line software for the GIS department. This software will show elevations every two feet throughout the county and comes at a cost of $73,530.

    Murphy also recommended, and commissioners approved, rejecting the two bids received for fiber optic cable that is proposed to link the county’s buildings. Two bids were received, but vendors did not bid on the same specifications. “I am unable to separate out the different charges to compare apples to apples in this bid,” Murphy said.

    On the rebid, Murphy said he will have a pre-bid conference to explain exactly what the county wants from the bidders.