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More candidate filings announced

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More candidates have filed with the LaGrange County Clerk’s Office to run in the May primary.

Filing since Friday, Jan. 17, was (name, political party, office sought):

Thomas L. Smith (D), Lima Twp. Trustee;

Peter Cook (R), County Council District 4;

Bruce Bowman (R), Milford Twp. Trustee;

P. Ann Glick (R), Newbury Twp. Trustee;

Melisa Lewton, Clearspring Twp. Trustee;

Dawn Christner (R), Eden Twp. Trustee;

George Bachman (R), County Council District 2;

Harold Gingerich (R), County Council District 3;

Jeffrey Campos Sr. (R), LaGrange County Sheriff;

Valerie Coney (D), Milford Twp. Trustee;

Cynthia Jordan (R), Johnson Twp. Trustee;

Zachary Holsinger (R), Springfield Twp. Trustee;

Doris Haggard (R), Clearspring Twp. Advisory Board.

Those who filed before January 17 were:

Joan Van Wagner (R), Johnson Twp. Advisor;

Debra Notestine (R), Springfield Twp. Trustee;

William “Bill” Connelly (R), Clay Twp. Trustee;

Richard E. Yoder (R), County Council – District 3;

William Pipher (R), Bloomfield Twp. Trustee;

George E. Brown (R), Superior Court Judge;

James Scott VanDerbeck (R), Circuit Court Judge;

Randy Mellinger (R), LaGrange County Sheriff;

Garry Heller (R), LaGrange County Commissioner North District;

Patricia Monroe (R), LaGrange County Assessor;

Rex Pranger (R), LaGrange County Surveyor;

Richard Snyder (R), LaGrange County Sheriff;

Philip Yunker (R), Lima Twp. Advisory Board;

David J. Nelson (R), LaGrange County Commissioner;

Terry Martin (R), LaGrange County Commissioner;

Arlys Boggs (R), Greenfield Twp. Trustee;

John H. Russell (R), Johnson Twp. Trustee;

Charles F. Ashcraft (D), County Council District 1.