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Molly Gropp to serve in Guatemala during Spring Break


Molly Gropp of Orland will serve in Guatemala with a group of Huntington University (HU) students over Spring Break, March 12-16.

Gropp is a sophomore film production major at HU.

HU's Joe Mertz Center for Volunteer Service (JMC) will send three teams of students to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Philadelphia, and Zacapa, Guatemala, during Spring Break. These groups will volunteer in area orphanages, clinics, schools and with local missionaries.

Jessica Stearns, an HU graduate counseling student and assistant for the JMC, organized all the mission trips this year. Stearns will advise a team of students in Guatemala who will volunteer with His Hands International Inc. Rebecca McIlwain, a sophomore psychology major from Albany, Ind., will lead six students for the Guatemala trip.

The Guatemala team will serve lunch to the community and volunteer at the local children's home and malnutrition center.

"In ministry, it's all about developing a sense of relationship and show that you genuinely care for the person you're going to serve," McIlwain said. "You have to be open to God working through you while you're there."

Mallory Jones, resident director for Baker and Roush halls, also feels exhilarated about advising a mission team to Haiti. Jones and her team will work with Mission of Hope, one of the largest mission organizations in Haiti.

"I have a big passion for travel, ministry and other cultures so it was an easy answer to give when I was asked if I wanted to lead the trip," she stated. "I want to help students experience something that could impact their lives and change their world views."