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Middle school youth invited to participate in 4-H project


Youth in grades 5-7 who enjoy math and science or who would like to learn more about the emerging field of robotics engineering are invited to participate in an informal learning opportunity beginning at 4 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, in Room 902 of the Lakeland High School Engineering Department.

A generous grant from Farm Credit Services has provided youth with the opportunity to explore topics in science, technology, engineering, and math. Several qualified adult volunteers have stepped forward to help move this opportunity along and supplies will be provided. An objective of the program is to provide interested youth an opportunity to meet regularly to work on engineering and scientific design challenges. A field trip to a high tech facility is planned as well.

The program is organized by the Purdue University Extension Service and is part of a national initiative to enlarge the pool of young scientists and engineers by engaging them at an early age. It will initially utilize a national 4-H curriculum called “Junk Drawer Robotics,”which provides youth with opportunities to develop emerging science, technology, engineering and math skills with hands-on activities in a positive youth development setting.  

People trained in these fields are part of what has been called “the most sought after slice of the American workforce.” The trend of higher employment and wages are well-documented for workers with these skills in a global economy.

Participation is free but interested youth are asked to confirm their intent by contacting the Purdue Extension office at 499-6334 or by May 14 to ensure sufficient supplies are available.