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Merit system retirement program funded

Members of the LaGrange County Council passed a number of additional appropriations at their Monday meeting. Among the items address was the under-funded Sheriff’s Merit System Defined Benefit Program payment for 2014.

This defined benefit program is only for those officers under the merit system which includes road deputies, detectives and officers of the local sheriff’s department. It does not include civilian employees of the jail.

The needed funding for the program has increased each year from $171,515 in 2012 to $291,818 in 2013. The 2014 premium will be $328,429.

Council had originally budgeted $50,000 from the Riverboat Gambling Fund and $168,439 from the Rainy Day Fund when creating the 2014 budget. The remaining $110,000 was appropriated from the County Economic Development Income Tax Fund.

Council also approved a number of line-item transfers Monday. Included was a transfer of $42,000 from Cumulative Capital Development Capital Outlays to pay for Electronic Poll books; $36,000 from bituminous wheel tax money for overtime at the county highway department; and $4,303 from the Commissioners General Fund to equipment for the new human resources director.

The salary of the human resources director was set as up to $1,750 each two-week pay period ($45,500 per year).