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Meadowview Elementary hosts annual learning fair

Meadowview Elementary School recently hosted its annual learning fair, with students completing projects in a variety of subject areas.

Top winners in the 2013 Learning Fair were:

Language Arts: Poetry – Austyn Miller, 1st grade; Braden Rogers, 2nd grade; Maria Miller, 3rd grade; Isaac Rogers, 4th grade.

Short Story: Functional Skills, Mrs. Rolle’s Class – Grace Lambright, 2nd grade; Lilly Eash, 4th grade.

Student Inventions – Braden Rogers, 2nd grade; Kayla Beachy, 4th grade.

Science Fair – Bentley Ryall, Kindergarten; Wade Springer, 2nd grade; Chad Hershberger, 3rd grade; Isaac Rogers, 4th grade.

Social Studies – Silas Haarer, 1st grade; Galen Wagler, 3rd grade; Kari Stutzman, 4th grade.

Sewing – Kaitlyn Yoder, Kindergarten; Joyce Miller, 1st Grade; Benton Hershberger, 2nd grade; Doretta Miller, 3rd grade; Grace Miller, 4th grade.

Baking – Jolisa Hochstetler, Kindergarten; Sharon Hochstetler, 1st grade; Hannah Lambright, 2nd grade; Stacy Stutzman, 3rd grade; Evie Long, 4th grade.

2D Art – Alyssa Bontrager, Kindergarten; Jesse Miller, 1st grade; Olen Yoder, 2nd grade; Isaiah Yoder, 3rd grade; Isaac Rogers, 4th grade.

3D Art: Functional Skills, Ms. Munsell’s Class – Sawyer Beachy, Kindergarten; Brenda Hochstetler, 1st grade; Jason Otto, 2nd grade; Ethan Hibbs, 3rd grade; Jeremiah Chupp, 4th grade.