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Martin looking forward to new county role

With the end of his second term in sight, LaGrange County Sheriff Terry Martin is looking forward to a new role in county government.

Martin outpaced incumbent North District Commissioner Garry Heller and fellow challenger David Nelson in Tuesday’s primary to earn the Republican nomination for the November ballot.

“There were two other good candidates who ran really good campaigns,” Martin said after Tuesday’s results were released.

Martin is looking ahead to putting his knowledge of the county and its issues to good use in working with the other current commissioners. “I’m used to making decisions by myself. There are two other guys there, which is good. They have different perspectives,” Martin said. He sees the commissioners as a “team effort.”

“I get along with them just fine. We can argue a bit and have different opinions, but do what’s best for the community,” Martin added.

Martin noted that he doesn’t plan to sit back too long when he takes the position after the first of the year. He’s also thinking ahead to what board he would like to represent the commissioners on. “I wouldn’t mind working with the parks,” he said.

Incumbent Garry Heller said Wednesday that he didn’t feel there was any one issue that led the campaign. “You just never know when you have three candidates,” he stated.

Heller noted that the county has been starting to move forward on economic development. “We were getting some things done,” he said. “And it’ll still move forward.”

Heller added that he was glad to get the CR 200N project through before the election and before he leaves office.

First time challenger David Nelson said he was glad to have participated in the election, and while he doesn’t know if he’ll ever run for an office again in the future, he does know that “I won’t do a three-way race.”

All three candidates all knew each other, Nelson said, “And all three of us agreed to be very congenial with each other. We entered the race as friends and we leave as friends.”

Nelson plans to stay active in the community, serving on the Public Defender Board and resuming his post on the LaGrange County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He is also looking forward to working with the PCs for Youth Board.