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Man found passed out in parking lot is arrested


At approximately 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 29, a LaGrange County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a report of a man passed out in a vehicle in the parking lot at the Wolcottville Lassus Handy Dandy.

Officers found Joseph Gould, 29, of Wolcottville passed out in the front seat of his vehicle with the door propped open. Deputies were eventually able to awaken Gould.

Deputies reported that as they tried to ascertain why Gould was passed out in the parking lot, they were unable to understand most of his responses. Gould’s condition led officers to believe he was possibly impaired.

Wolcottville Marshal Ryan Kaufman arrived with his K-9 partner, who gave a positive alert to the presence of controlled substances.

Further investigation found a white, powdery substance in Gould’s possession, as well as a green, leafy substance along with paraphernalia associated with the consumption of controlled substances. A search of the vehicle located additional items of paraphernalia as well as evidence related to the purchase of precursors associated with the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Officers also believe that Gould had operated his vehicle while under the influence of controlled substances. Gould was taken to Parkview LaGrange Hospital for tests and preliminary results gave a positive indication of the presence of methamphetamine and marijuana.

Gould was taken to the LaGrange County Jail. Due to Gould being found at the time of the incident to be within 1,000 ft. of Wolcott Mills Elementary School, the possession of methamphetamine charge was enhanced to a Class B Felony. The possession of marijuana charge was enhanced to a Class D felony due to a previous conviction. 

Gould was also charged with maintaining a common nuisance, a Class D Felony; possession of paraphernalia, a Class A Misdemeanor; and Operating While Intoxicated, a Class A Misdemeanor.

Gould was initially held with a $62,000 bond, with an application to the LaGrange County Courts to revoke bond due to his criminal activity and history.