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Man arrested after attempted theft


Shortly before 6 p.m. on May 13, an officer from the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to Schlemmer’s Hardware in LaGrange regarding a possible theft in progress.

According to the police report, witnesses told officers a suspicious male subject first exited the store with a variety of items without paying for them. When he was confronted in the parking lot by employees, he came back into the store with those items and attempted to charge them to an existing store account belonging to one of his relatives. Store employees informed the subject that they were unable to charge the items to the relative’s account. The male subject then walked out of the store, leaving the items behind.

A short time later, the subject returned to the store through the side door on the west side of the building. Store employees saw the subject take a bag of weed and feed fertilizer and a can of drain opener out that same door without going to the cash register to pay for them.

When the officer arrived at the business, he was approached by a store employee in the parking lot and informed that the male subject has just walked out the side door with the fertilizer and drain cleaner. At that time the male subject was observed walking around the front of the building carrying two items. The officer approached the subject and asked if he had paid for the items inside. The subject, identified as Jeremy J. Ellis, 34, of CR 250N, allegedly said that he did pay for the items using a credit card.

Ellis was asked to walk inside so the officer could check with the cashier. One inside, the cashier said Ellis never came to the cash register. She said she observed Ellis walking out the side door carrying the items, without every attempting to pay for them.

Ellis was taken into custody for theft and transported to the LaGrange County Jail.