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Lund International joins state clean air initiative


Lund International became the newest member of Indiana’s Voluntary Idling Program (VIP) for Clean Air during a ceremony yesterday at the Howe facility. Michael Aylesworth, director of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s Northern Regional Office, presented a certificate to Lund Operations Manager Marshall Baczynski to commemorate the occasion.

“Lund International is to be commended for its voluntary efforts to reduce vehicle emissions,” Aylesworth said. “Through its participation in the Voluntary Idling Program, company employees and customers alike will be encouraged to reduce unnecessary vehicle idling.”

“On behalf of all of the employees of Lund International, we are pleased to take the Voluntary Idling Program pledge,” Baczynski stated. “In addition to reducing fuel consumption and reducing engine wear and tear, we will be preventing poor air quality that can come from harmful diesel emissions.”

As a VIP member, Lund International will voluntarily implement a No Idling policy and post “No Idling” signs at its facility; ensure employees and drivers are aware of the company’s commitment to reducing unnecessary and excessive engine idling; and inform its partners about the company’s commitment to reducing unnecessary and excessive engine idling.

IDEM’s VIP initiative is a free, incentive program that assists Indiana freight carriers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers reduce or eliminate unnecessary heavy-duty diesel truck idling. Reducing harmful tailpipe emissions improves air quality and helps the State of Indiana attain and maintain compliance with federal health-based air quality standards.

Lund International is the 34th company to join VIP since the program was initiated in 2006.