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Lulu May Carney gives grant to COA

Earlier this year, 11 LaGrange County citizens were nominated by community residents to receive the LaGrange County Community Foundation “Heart of Gold” Award based on their generosity, leadership and service to our community. Lulu May Carney was one of the nominees honored by the community foundation.

Each nominee was given the opportunity to direct a $100 grant to the LaGrange County charity of his or her choice. Carney chose the LaGrange County Council on Aging (COA) to receive this grant. She serves as a COA board member and decided to have her grant go toward the “Senior Mart” pantry.

The COA “Senior Mart” enables senior citizens to come in and receive two bags of groceries twice a month. Seniors are qualified for this program when they have proven financial need. The pantry is available during regular business hours to those age 60 and up. 

The food that supplies the pantry is purchased from the Ft. Wayne Community Harvest Food Bank and donations.  The food can be purchased from Community Harvest at a rate of 19¢ a pound by member agencies.  The COA has noticed a growth in individuals needing food from the pantry. 

For more information on the “Senior Mart” program or to donate, contact Cheri Perkins at 260-463-4161.