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Lord’s Grain has new owners

Long-time LaGrange County agricultural business Lord’s Grain announced some major changes shortly after the first of the year, the primary change being new owners.

According to a letter sent to customers by Lord’s Grain, Inc., the LaGrange facility will become Dove Ag effective February 3. Dove Ag is owned by Jon and Sandy Silsby of Union City, Mich., and was founded in 2011. They are a full-service agricultural company, offering a wide range of products from pesticides to fertilizers.

In the announcement, Lord’s Grain noted that it was closing its Orland facility on January 18.

It was also announced that Dove Ag will not be continuing in the grain business, but will continue to operate the other aspects of the business, including seed, chemicals, fertilizer, feed and the farm store. Dove Ag will not be working with deferred pay or contracts on grain, which are to be handled on a case by case basis, with Lord’s Grain noting they would honor all commitments.