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Lord’s Grain business changes hands, name

With the handing over of the keys Friday afternoon, it became official. Lord’s Grain in LaGrange is now Dove Ag, owned by Jon and Sandy Silsby of Union City, Mich.

However, the change in name doesn’t mean that John and Sherrie Larimer are leaving the ag business. John Larimer noted that they will still be involved with the business. “The merger of the two businesses provides a better opportunity for our customers,” Larimer said. Dove Ag, he noted, brings in agricultural chemical expertise to the business. “It combines the chemical sales and knowledge with the seeds, and is a real asset to our customers,” Larimer stated.

The combined company will also be able to serve a larger area. The store will continue with feed and Larimer noted the location’s large number of loyal customers ensure that they will continue to serve.

“The Larimers’ passion has been the seed business,” Silsby said. “The marriage of the two companies will provide a more complete and stronger company for our customers.”

Larimer added that the change is a merger. “It’s a partnership. And we’re making it as seamless as we can make it. We feel a tremendous loyalty to our customers,” he added.

“Our overall mission is to continue to be an asset to our community and our customers,” Silsby emphasized.

Larimer said that Lord’s Seed will remain in business, and that they plan to be Dove Ag’s biggest customer as they support them in their move into LaGrange County.