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Looking Back....

50 Years Ago in the Standard

October 14, 1965


Corn School Kiddie Parade Winners Listed – Cindy and Sean Carney and Susan Weir were sweepstakes winners and also won first prize portraying “Peter Pumpkin Eater” in the character division at the Kiddie Parade held as a feature of Corn School Wednesday evening. Mrs. James Fry is superintendent of the event.

    Other winners in the character division were second prize, Rick and Terry Smith, organ grinder and monkey; third prize, Pam, Judy and Jack Combs, westward covered wagon; fourth prize, Debbie and Jimmy Garver, Beverly Hillbillies; and fifth prize, Janet Yanney and Julie Hart dressed as pilgrims. Mrs. Neal Harris and Mrs. Ruth Fowler were the judges in this division.

    In the artistic class, first prize was won by Jody Schrock and George and Tony Jenkot, mermaid; second prize, Todd Walter, baker boy; third prize, Beverly Yanney, angel; fourth prize, Sharon Sanford, flower girl, and fifth prize, Donna Walter, angel. The judges were Mrs. Lloyd Myers and Mrs. Leonard Brouse.

    In the vehicles, division number one, first prize for push carts was won by David Boggs and Kathy Miller; second prize, Phillip and David Cooper; third prize, Andy Seman, and fourth prize, Penny Witham and Tammy Woodworth. Pam Benne and Cathy Thompson won first prize in the tricycle class and Tommy Seman won second prize.

    First prize for doll carts went to Sally Seman. Wanda and Steve Nearney came in second. The judges were Mrs. Stanley Combs and Mrs. James Smith.

    In the vehicles number two division, first prize for junior bicycles was awarded to Matt Thompson and Linda Benne; second prize, Vickie Stevens; third prize, Billie Park; fourth prize, Karen Brown, and fifth prize, Lorre Benne. Mrs. Bernard Hoffman and Nancy Rawson were the judges.

    First prize for mechanical vehicles went to Steve Myers, Theresa Elliott and Linda and Sandra Westburg; second prize, Tim Miller, Kevin Waters and Ralph and Randy Eaton. Bruce Hunter was the winner of the third prize. Mrs. Hoffman and Miss Rawson were also judges for this class.

    In the horses division, David Dunlap won first prize with his surrey; second, Bobby Heltzel, mare and colt; third, Brian O’Brian and David Taylor, outrider; fourth, Rodney and Scott Walter, hitch pair, and fifth, Pat Rhoades, costume rider. Mrs. Fred Robinson and Mrs. Jean Bordner were the judges.

    Winners in the dog division were first, Aaron and Brent Claudie; second, Sandra Yanney; third, Cindy Reed; fourth, Lillie Harrison, and fifth, Wilforn Vaillancort. Drs. Roger King and Richard Benne were the judges in all the pet classes.

    Allyson Kretschman and Terry and Wanita Harrison won first and second prizes consecutively in the cat class.

    In the general pets class, Allen Harrison won first prize with a chicken; second, Daisy Harrison, guinea pig; third, Greg Rasler, guinea pig; fourth, Tom Smith,, goldfish, and fifth, Gail Lunger and Mark Brown, turtles.

    Ramon and April Harrison won the prize for the most unusual pet which was an opossum.


igh School

25 Years Ago in the News

October 19, 1990


LHS students have opportunity to win a car for perfect attendance – The days are gone when Lakeland High School students receive a certificate for perfect attendance. Students achieving perfect attendance this year at LHS will find bigger and better things awaiting them at the annual Academic Awards program next spring.

    Perfect attendance for any nine-week grading period during the 1990-91 school year will give Lakeland students the chance to win a car or a $500 gift certificate. Students achieving perfect attendance for the entire year will receive a $50 U.S. Savings Bond. A trip to Cedar Point amusement park is also planned by the school for students meeting attendance requirements.

    The car to be given away to a student at the end of the 1990-91 school year will be donated by Farmers State Bank in LaGrange. The $500 second-prize gift certificate is for use at Weber’s TV in LaGrange.


County paramedics place third in Governor’s Cup contest – LaGrange County paramedics Brian Allread and Gary Heiman earned an award in the annual Indiana State Governor’s Cup competition on September 13 and 14 in Indianapolis. Allread and Heiman earned a third place finish in the 26-team competition.

    Allread has bene a paramedic since 1989 and has been employed full-time with the LaGrange Hospital EMS since 1988. Heiman is a full-time paramedic and has been with the local EMS department since 1983.

    The Governor’s Cup contest is set up as an educational tool for the participants. Emergency medical scenarios are set up to judge the paramedic’s knowledge and skill in the medical and trauma aspects of patient care.

    Preliminary competition in the Governor’s Cup gives paramedic teams 20 minutes to evaluate an emergency situation, assess injuries, triage, treat injuries, and prepare for transportation of the patient.

    The three highest teams in each category enter the final and have 30 minutes to respond to the emergency scenario The preliminaries and finals are evaluated by three judges.

    LaGrange County paramedics have placed in the top three teams at the Governor’s Cup competition six times since 1982. The LaGrange Hospital EMS has had two members, Brent Hooley and Brad Wyatt, win the Indiana Paramedic of the Year award. Wyatt went on to place 7th at the national level. Burdette Haag of the local EMS department received the Indiana Advanced Life Support Medic of the Year in 1986.