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Lombard bond forfeited


            A $200,000 bond for Nathan Lombard, who was arrested for arson in the uptown LaGrange fires of the Muntz Law Office and Meek Jewelry Store, has been forfeited.

            According to state law, the bond can be used for somewhat limited items, among them the Sheriff’s Merit retirement fund and extradition.

            Accordingly, $100,000 will be applied to the McCready & Keene Retirement fund to benefit sheriff’s department merit employees defined benefit plan. Annual cost for this budget item is some $270,000 for 2012.

            The other $100,000 has been placed in the sheriff’s extradition fund. Average expenditures from this fund have been in the $4,000 to $5,000 range for the last few years. This means there will be no need for general fund dollars to be spent in extraditing prisoners for some time.