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LIFE Youth Philanthropy Pod Offers Grants


Schools and other youth-serving organizations are invited to apply for a grant from the LaGrange Independent Foundation for Endowments or LIFE. Applications are available on the LaGrange County Community Foundation website in the “Hot Stories!” section at The grant cycle application deadline for this spring cycle is Monday February 4, 2013 at 4:30 p.m.    

LIFE is composed of twenty volunteer students, grades 8 through 12, along with adult mentors from the Community Foundation and each of LaGrange County’s four public and private schools. Funded and supported in partnership by the Dekko Foundation and the LaGrange County Community Foundation, the LIFE mission is to offer grants and volunteer support for programs that improve the quality of education and services for youth in LaGrange County.

For more information about LIFE Youth Philanthropy or LIFE grant opportunities contact Loren Heinlen, LaGrange County Community Foundation Program Officer or Laney Kratz, Youth Development Coordinator at (260) 463-4363.