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Library reviews 2013 budget


The LaGrange County Library Board met at the Shipshewana branch last week, with reviewing the proposed 2013 budget as their main topic of discussion.

Following a brief overview of the Shipshewana branch and staff, the board turned to the budget as presented by Director Mary Hooley.

For the 2013 general operating fund, the library is advertising a $1,000,000 budget, with approximately two-thirds of that in personnel services at $623,988. Services and charges total $225,433, with $15,200 of that amount intended for licenses, anti-virus subscriptions, and other technology support. An additional $14,300 from the services line item is marked for repair and maintenance agreements on copying machines and microfilm readers.

Proposed Capital Outlays for 2013 total $121,579, with supplies for the year at $29,000.

The Library Improvement Reserve Fund (LIRF), which is money from the operating fund and is not a separate tax, is advertised at $207,359 for 2013. That is split between services and charges at $76,372 and capital outlays at $130,987. The capital outlay line item includes $12,500 marked for any technology equipment that may need replaced.

It was noted that, due to the increase in operating costs for the new library, the library will not be able to transfer the larger amounts into LIRF that it had been able to in the past.

The library is expecting $462,114 in debt service funding for 2013 to pay off bonds. Of that, $210,000 will go to pay off principal on the bonds, with $250,639 in interest and $1,475 in professional services related to the bonds.

The rainy day fund is budgeted for $50,000 that can be used for any unforeseen emergencies. The library may transfer up to 10 percent of the annual budget to the rainy day fund.

The proposed overall budget for 2013 represents a decrease of $27,800 from 2012.

The library board will hold a public hearing on the 2013 budget at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 20, in the community room at the main library in LaGrange.

In other business:

The board was told that an application for final payment on the new library to Shawnee Construction is expected at the September meeting for approval. The final pay request is expected to be approximately $5,000.

Prior to the final pay request, Board President Jerry White said that there are a couple of minor items that Shawnee will be returning to take care of, with the floor in the genealogy area as the biggest item.

The library is having the light controllers at the main branch looked at to see if the sensitivity of the motion detectors for the lights can be lowered in order to save on energy.

The board was told that four applications for the library director position have been received, with at least one more expected by the Sept. 1 deadline.