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LHS work-based internship preparing students for their future careers


Learning on the job takes on a whole new meaning when you are still in high school and get the chance to actually work in the field you want to pursue as part of your studies. Lakeland High School seniors are among students throughout the county who are getting that chance through various work-based internships with local employers and agencies.

Lakelandsenior Carolyn Hershberger is interning at the Lagrange County Sheriff’s Department through the Professional Career Internship class this term.

Hershberger’s responsibilities include filing reports, processing claims, completing/filling out forms for the department, and general desk duties. She also had the opportunity to ride along with a sheriff’s deputy and spent time on routine routes.

According to Hershberger, “I never realized everything that went into being a sheriff.  It takes a very special individual to be a sheriff.” She added that they have her upmost respect for what they do every day to insure that our community is safe and protected.

“This internship has allowed me to experience a ‘real world’ setting and has help reinforced my future plans after high school,” Hershberger stated.

Fellow senior Holly Eaton is enjoying her internship this term as well, and enjoys not only the insight the program is giving her into her future career, but her “co-workers” as well. “My internship takes place at Parkside Elementary with Mrs. Deb Weaver and her first grade class. I enjoy the students and there is never a ‘dull’ moment. Most days I help with math, spelling, reading, and the occasional shoe tie,” Eaton said.

“The students have always been welcoming and nice. They are fun to be around and I enjoy their company. I receive hugs from them every single day. One of my favorite memories was on my birthday. They all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and made me cards. It made my day! This internship has allowed me to experience a ‘classroom’ setting and has reinforced my future plans after high school,” she added.

Work-Based Internship, a Capstone Experience program, is a course designed to allow work-based learning for students who demonstrate achievement in a specific career area.

The Professional Career Internship is a Career and Technical Education Business and Information Technology course that is designed to provide opportunities for students to explore careers that require additional degrees or certification following high school. The emphasis of the experience is on applying skills developed through instruction and learning new career competencies at the internship site.