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LHS named New Tech demonstration site

Lakeland High School was named a demonstration site for the internationally based New Tech Network on June 10.

 Schools applying for the designation must have over 20 percent of staff members certified through NTN as well as having at least two certified trainers. Additionally, a rigorous rubric is used to assess curriculum and instruction, use of technology, school culture and autonomy, professional culture, financial sustainability, learning outcomes, and post-secondary opportunities.

The committee that made the determination to name Lakeland as a demonstration site pointed to two areas where the school stood out:

·        Dual Credit Opportunities – Lakeland Leading Edge offers a staggering number of college credit opportunities for their students.  The availability of early college credit offers great benefit to students, not the least of which is an environment/culture that advances college readiness for all.

·        Professional Culture – Lakeland has made a concerted effort to grow the shared leadership structures that animate the school, particularly as it relates to professional development. The effort to build institutional structures that can guide the school’s progress (as opposed to relying on the competence of individuals) is a major developmental step forward for the school.

Lakeland High School will host visitors from other school districts from across the country throughout the 2013-2014 school year.