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LHS Construction Trades students receive awards

The Lakeland High School Construction Trades awards for the 2012-2013 school year were handed out on May 29.

    Top Framer award went to Reed Oesch, Parker Fought, Wyatt Petty and Devin Giles.

    Top Siding Installers were Scott Huser, Max Laughlin, Wyatt Petty and Alfredo Nieves.

    Top Exterior Trimmers were Reed Oesch and Nathen Jordan.

    Drywall hangers were Andres Nieves, Jarrett Slabach, Spencer Mortola and Zachary Tolle.

    Top Drywall Finishers were Scott Huser, Brandon Weaver, Zachary Tolle and Alfredo Nieves.

    Painters were Michaela Moore, Brandon Nehring, Jessica Rowe, Austin Buonocore, Kristopher Hamann, Joel Miller and Peter Thompson.

    Electrical award winners were Kyle Faust, Tyler Ferguson, Kyle Eagleson, Devin Giles, Nathen Jordan and Jarrett Slabach.

    Finish Carpentry awards were given to Reed Oesch and Joel Miller.

    Interior Trim awards went to Parker Fought and Nathen Jordan.

    Top Detailers were Scott Huser, Andres Nieves, Michaela Moore and Peter Thompson.

    Golden Hammer awards went to Jarrett Slabach, Parker Fought, Devin Giles and Kyle Eagleson.

    Perfect Attendance awards went to Reed Oesch, Zachary Tolle, Parker Fought, Kyle Faust and Wyatt Petty.

    Most Volunteer Hours awards went to Reed Oesch, Jarrett Slabach, Kyle Faust, Zachary Tolle and Andres Nieves.

    Most Improved awards went to Max Laughlin, Brandon Weaver, Nathen Jordan and Spencer Mortola.

    The Greg Cushing Award for Overall Most Improved went to Kyle Faust.

    The Michael R. Gingerich Memorial Building Trades Award went to Parker Fought.

    The Self Motivated Award went to Parker Fought, Reed Oesch, Scott Huser and Kyle Faust.

    The Mike Rowe Mental Attitude Award went to Parker Fought.

    The Leadership Award went to Kyle Faust and Kyle Eagleson.

    Most Inspirational Award went to Reed Oesch and Kyle Faust.

    The Instructors Award went to Tyler Ferguson.

    Second year students were Kyle Faust, Tyler Ferguson, Kyle Eagleson, Devin Giles, and Nathen Jordan.

    First year seniors were Parker Fought, Scott Huser, Jarrett Slabach, Max Laughlin, Spencer Mortola, Alfredo Nieves, Zachary Tolle, Kristopher Hamann and Peter Thompson.