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Levitz enjoying the crown at the fair

It took some encouragement and support from friends and family, but Rebecca Levitz decided to enter the Miss LaGrange County contest last Saturday, held during the opening night of the 2014 LaGrange County 4-H Fair.

“I was scared to death,” Levitz admitted later. “But I’m glad I did it.”

The enjoyment of competing didn’t come from the fact that at the end of the night Levitz would be wearing the crown. It was being with the other contestants. “Although I knew most of the girls, I really got to know them during the contest. I made friends with those in the contest” she said. “I knew one girl from school, but we really got to know each other and we practiced together.”

Levitz is the daughter of Dan and Robin Levitz and will be a senior at Lakeland High School this fall. She is a nine-year 4-H member with the Horse and Pony Club. She pointed out that she’ll take the crown off for the shows.

“This was something new. Trying something different,” she said about the contest. “The challenging part was standing in front of everyone, all dressed up. I had to talk about my sponsors, the Fountain of Youth Salon and Spa.”

Despite any nervousness she may have had, Levitz took the title, as well as being named Miss Congeniality. “I was just being myself,” she said. “I was making jokes to lighten things up with the others.”

Levitz has been enjoying the week at fair serving as Miss LaGrange County, helping hand out awards at the shows. There are also the occasional moments when Levitz is approached by a little girl. “They love the crown. And I love it when they come up to me,” Levitz said.

 “I would encourage everyone I know to try it. They don’t have to be the ‘pageant type,’” she stated. “Even if they are scared, they need to go for it anyway.”