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Letter To The Editor - Youth Hangout?

Kids of all ages in the town of LaGrange need something to do! LaGrange is a town where nothing interesting ever goes on. The Shed in Howe is the closest hangout spot for mainly teens. Why not have something in LaGrange where kids of all ages can go to hang out and have a good time? Let’s make a change to LaGrange County that will benefit children of all ages, and even some parents.

    Investing in a community pool, almost like the YMCA, would be something that people of all ages in or near LaGrange County could benefit from. Putting money into something like this would finally give people in LaGrange County something fun to do.

    A place for people of all ages to hang out and a safe environment could possibly be the solution to all of the drug use in LaGrange County. Investing in something like this is a good way to get people involved in fun activities that do not involve harming themselves or others around them. Once kids get involved in something like this, they will learn that they do not need to do harmful things in order to be cool and fit in.

    LaGrange County, in all honesty, is a boring place. We need to invest in something to make LaGrange County more interesting. If you think about it, it would benefit the whole community – not just a couple of people. Let’s make life in LaGrange County more interesting!