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Letter To The Editor - Youth Baseball


Julianna Bowers



To the Editor:

I am writing as a concerned parent to a community of people I have always cherished and felt proud to be a part of.

My concern is in regards to the way the LaGrange County Youth Baseball program is being handled by the adults our children are supposed to be looking up to and learning their life lessons from.

Since when do we concentrate solely on winning a sport rather than the fundamentals and fun nature of the sport at this age? Since when did a small community turn from being a team of parents out for the best for our children to being so vindictive that the kids’ best interests no longer matter?

LaGrange County Youth Baseball has always been a retreat for our kids to hang out with friends, have fun and learn the fundamentals of the game while learning the meaning of TEAM. You will notice there is not an “I” in the word TEAM. Yet the very adults who are supposed to be out there for the kids’ are placing an “I” in the word at any expense, at our children’s expense. This year, and allow me to mention the game season has not even started yet, we see and hear the stress amongst not only the parents but also amongst the kids who we are supposed to be teaching.

SHAME ON YOU!! If you somehow feel that this all may directed or written about you personally, may I strongly suggest you take a step back and reconsider your actions. I try so hard to stay neutral and to avoid the drama in a situation, but this is out of control and it is time someone step up and say so!!!

Why make it difficult on our children to benefit your own agenda and assemble a team you feel can win the season if in the process of this you are destroying the game for the kids who do not want to travel, who simply want to play summer ball and have fun with their friends? I just can’t fathom the reasoning behind any of this.

I will be praying that this entire group of parents from both the traveling team and the team of kids who would rather not have the stress of traveling will soon pull back together and become a TEAM, a TEAM without an “I”. We as parents should have the courage and the power to stand as one for our children. Because at the end of the day they are what matters, they are all that matters. Winning a season should never take precedence over the real goal, which is teaching them the fundamentals and allowing them to play the game they love.