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Letter To The Editor - Whitmer Lake upkeep


Julia Dunlap



To the Editor:

My name is Julia Dunlap. I live one mile outside of Wolcottville, in at Witmer Lake. Witmer Lake is the first lake in a chain of five. The five lakes are Witmer, Wesler, Dallas, Hackenburg, and Messick. The little Elkhart River feeds into Witmer. The mouth of the Little Elkhart has been building up sludge for a number of years. Because of the drought this year and so many running irrigation out of the river the mouth is endangered of being completely closed off. Calls were made last fall to Indianapolis to the Department of Natural Resource and we were told there were no funds available for dredging. In 2003 Indiana General Assembly enacted House Enrolled ACT 1336 which increased the Lake & River Enhancement Program fee paid by registered owners. The increase in fees provides funding to remove sediment and control exotic or invasive plant or animal species. What has happened to this funding and how bad does it have to get before any action is taken?

I have written to Congressman Marlin Stutzman and Senator Sue Glick. I am waiting to hear back from them. At some point and time I hope our local DNR will look into this and add their input.