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Letter To The Editor - VFD Thank You

Rob and Deb Bollinger



To the Editor:

    It has been 11 weeks since fire destroyed our home after lightning struck it on the night of Memorial Day Monday. Volunteer firemen from every department in LaGrange County and at least two departments outside the county, as well as EMTs who monitor the firefighters, rolled out of bed after midnight following the three-day holiday weekend to fight to save our home and possessions.

    It was our first close, personal experience with any of the VFDs, and while we hope not to repeat it, the care and concern and dedication of all these people is inspiring and uplifting. When these fellow community members, some of whom are friends and others who are unknown to us, came to aid in such a grueling and hazardous effort, and do it voluntarily, it makes me feel lucky to live in this community.

    Our respect and appreciation for these volunteers is and will forever be deepened by this experience, and we will try always to support them in any way that we can. The support and concern of many others during the hours of the fire and in the weeks since has continued to affirm that this is a great community to live in and be a part of. Thank you to all who have given assistance in so many ways, and offered more even than we could make use of. We are sincerely grateful to each one of you.