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Letter To The Editor - Veteran's Day

Les Garmire, LaGrange


Letter to the Editor:


    I find it difficult to put into words the feelings that come to mind each year on Veteran’s Day. I still retain the pride, strength, discipline, loyalty and sense of service that characterized my military service. I am thankful I had the privilege to serve with some of the most incredible individuals I have ever met.

    November 11 is a day to recognize those men and women who have served as well as active personnel. Pause a moment to reflect the importance of their combined impact on this great nation and the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

    I am humbled and very proud to have served in uniform and the privilege of being a part of a special group of citizens who chose to serve their country. So the next time you come across a veteran, take a minute to shake his or her hand and say “thank you for your service,” and buy them a cup of coffee. Carry on.