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Letter To The Editor - Unemployment

Sabbeth Baczynski



To the Editor:

    Unemployment rates and statistics are pretty high in LaGrange County. They have dropped since 2010, but are still higher than they were in 2005. The highest point of unemployment in LaGrange County was in 2009 when rates reached 20.8 percent. I believe that rates have gotten so high because people are being lazy, and would much rather take advantage of the easiness of filing and gaining unemployment checks. Unemployment is not something people should want for themselves, but it is something many choose because the “work force” is too complicated to them. I personally believe it’s because they’re lazy.

    In 2005, unemployment rates started at 6.2 percent and ended at a rate of 4.9 percent. The rates lowered by 2 percent, but as the years went by the rates shot way up. In January 2010 rates of unemployment went up to 15.6 percent, but by December 2010 is lowered 5.2 percent, reaching 10.4 percent. January of this year (2013) unemployment rates were at 8.7 percent and by April 2013 rates dropped 2 percent, getting to 6.7 percent. Unemployment rates are going down, and hopefully keep decreasing.

    Unemployment affects many people, such as families, businesses, and workers. When a parent does not hold a job and collects unemployment their whole family suffers because that is less money for a nice home or food and clothes. Not only are they affecting their home, but also jobs. The more people that go on unemployment, the more jobs that are open and in need of workers. When a job is in need of workers, the people who already are working have to work even more hours (overtime). When this happens people become stressed, and possibly to the point of quitting and trying for a different job.

    I can understand that there are people sick of working for a pay that is not worth the job, but is it really worth it not to have the money to support your family, or even yourself? Unemployment does not affect only the unemployed. Some jobs don’t pay very great, but unemployment is even less than a job would give. Think ahead before applying, because it could be much better just to get a decent paying job, even if the pay isn’t a large amount.