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Letter To The Editor - Unemployment

Cooper Cowan



To the Editor:

    Unemployment is a huge subject in LaGrange County. It has ruined many people’s lives whether it was their fault or not. Although unemployment has gone down from a little over 20 percent to a constant 7.5 percent today or 3,000 people, it will still affect everything and everyone around us. Whenever someone becomes unemployed, they don’t have the money they would have had if they held a job. When someone loses money, they can’t afford the luxuries they used to be able to. This in turn affects the businesses around the area and causes them to lose money as well. This then creates a chain that damages more and more people.

    When a parent loses his or her job, not only are they affected, the whole family also is. When money gets tight and you can’t seem to pay bills, you start to become stressed. Stress can be picked up from children as young as five. This stress can bring up problems within the family. The parents may start to argue, which can scare the kids and scare them in the long run. When kids see parents argue, that will set their expectations of life and they will mimic that when they are adults. Based on these facts, unemployment is said to be a double generation phenomenon.

    Members of the second generation have already started out their lives with a disadvantage. More so if their parents did not obtain a high school or college degree. This makes children have a 15 percent more likely chance to be held back in one or more grades of middle school than the parents of students who did obtain a degree. This evidence shows that parents do need to be successful in school in order for their children to be, which in turn will give the parent a good job to care and provide for the child.

    Unemployment affects the community more than a lot of people know. We need to shed some light on this topic to other people who are unaware of these effects. If we want to fix this issue, then we must let everyone know of it. Once everyone is aware, we can begin to solve it by creating more businesses, making more job openings, and making a donation program where the wealthy can give money to those who are unemployed.