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Letter To The Editor - Unassisted Childbirth


Amy Miller



To the Editor:

Due to the recent uproar in the community regarding midwifery care, I want to bring your attention to another type of birthing option that many may not have awareness of. This is called Unassisted Childbirth. Primarily the couple performs their own birth. This is not against the law. It is your right as an American citizen to have your baby anywhere you want, being home, hospital, birth centert. Nonetheless, it should also be your right to choose the type of caregiver you want regardless of their credentials.

Most women’s bodies were and are designed to have a baby without any problems or issues. Of course there are stipulations to this type of birth, such as health issues or warranted risk factors. Low risk women however are prime candidates for this option. You may ask what constitutes low risk. Yes, this is one’s own opinion, as we all have ideas as to what low risk means. This is indeed as great of an option as going to the local hospital, which has one of the worst cesarean section rates in the state of Indiana, possibly due to frequent inductions and the once a c-section, always a c-section rule.

I know of several families in the community who have used this option recently. For those of you needing more information, please go online to unassisted, or to your local library for text book assistance.  I feel the time has come for advocating citizens to stand up for their own rights, as these are consistently being stripped from us.  Thus, we need to be well read and well versed in what our options are as consumers.