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Letter To The Editor - Thoughts from abroad

Paula Rubio

LaGrange/Madrid, Spain


To the Editor:

    Have you ever wondered what life in LaGrange County looks like from the view of someone “outside” of LaGrange? Leaving my home country in Spain, I have spent the past six months as a temporary resident here. How do you think that I feel about the place where you have been raised? I think listening to external opinions is useful for learning about your community.

    During the time I have been here, when meeting new people, there has been a 90 percent chance of that person asking me, “How do you like it here so far?” My answer is always the same: “It’s different, but I loke it.” Obviously, I’m not going to start giving details of every single aspect of my thoughts. I don’t want them to run away. I say “different” because I find something here that back in my home country is absent. People here are closer. You all worry about the community, help cooperate for the well being of the town. We do have good and nice people in Spain, but there is still something missing. I think it could be because LaGrange is a small town so far and I live the capital, Madrid.

    I am sure that the reason why I see this characteristic about LaGrange is because I have a different point of view. I used to walk past people that I do not know, see new faces every day, big buildings, lots of cars… Well, you already know about city life. Here it is completely different! You know all our neighbors and also the life of the people around, having new individuals in yo0ur area is a big deal and gossips run faster.

    Another thing I realized is how cool the little businesses around here are. They are small properties, but like all businesses, they have had to rise on their own to get in the market world and also have their story of how they do it. I always wanted to ask why an owner decided to start a business. So I did. I asked. This woman says to me “I like what I do and I already loved it before I started the business. I was wondering what would be better than working at something that I can do and I love doing it.”

    Places where I have been seem so familiar to me now. For examples, Grossman’s feels like a warm place where you spend time with people that you love, friends or family, it does not matter. Also, I find the best ice cream ever at Lucy’s.

    At the end, I hope that you know how nice this community can be. Appreciate it even more than you already do. LaGrange County is going to be what I remember about by one-year trip to the United States. Indeed, I will remember the people more, because you guys are the special thing about this place.

    There is one question that I have been wondering for a while. A big black cow? Seriously? I’m waiting for the answer.